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Alicia Wright


Alicia Wright is from Rome, Georgia. She attended Middlebury College; she's worked at the Strand, as a literary scout, and as part of a publishing startup. She's received support from the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference and fellowships from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. At present, she's a Ph.D. candidate in English & Literary Arts at the University of Denver, where she works on 20th + 21st century poetry and poetics and the ecopoetics of the U.S. Southeast. She was the 2020—2021 Denver Quarterly Editorial Fellow (Associate Editor), currently works as its Managing Editor, and is the founding editor of Annulet: A Journal of Poetics.


Manuscript: "You're Called By The Same Sound" was a finalist for this past year's National Poetry Series competition, BOA Edition's A. Poulin, Jr. Prize, and Fordham Univeristy Press's Poets Out Loud Prize.

*Selected Readings & Presentations

The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900: "C.D. Wright's Objectivist Affinities"

Westchester Poetry Center's "Transformations: Evolving Approaches to Teaching, Poetry, and the Natural World": "Ecocritical Recoveries: Exhaustion, Intervention, and Reading A.R. Ammons"

SAMLA 2020: "Documentary Practices, Lyric Impulses, Confessional Outcomes: [Re]Configuring an Adaptive Poetry Practice"

New Orleans Poetry Festival: "Poetry’s Signposts: Site Markers, Cemeteries, and Trails as Transhistorical Forms"

MLA 2020: "Remixing, Refusals, and Reinterrogations in Contemporary Southern Experimental Poetry"

*Essays, Reviews, Interviews, and Critical Writing

Reading "A Literary Field Guide to Southern Appalachia"

The Quiet Crises of Éireann Lorsung's The Century

Zaina Alsous's De-Extinction

Full Stop: Review of Rue by Kathyrn Nuernberger

The Ecopoetics of Tracy Zeman's Empire

The Historical Imperatives of Metta Sáma's Swing At Your Own Risk

Kimiko Hahn's Sincere Assemblages

Form, Sound, and Thought in Pimone Triplett's Supply Chain

Denise Levertov's Politics and Poetics

my (small press) writing day: a short essay

Lyric essay in Avidly, a channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books: "On Writing About Dorothy Wordsworth’s The Grasmere Journal"

This, being absorbed: Gale Marie Thompson's Soldier On, reviewed at Heavy Feather Review


Interview with New England Review. NER Interns: Where Are They Now?

Interview with Indiana Review

Contributor Spotlight in The Southeast Review

Interview with New South

*News & Media

"First Eclogue" appears in The Orison Anthology 2018

"Jane in Starving Time" selected by Shane McCrae as Winner of the 2017 Wabash Prize in Poetry. Read his response here!

Read "Night Habit", featured by Poetry Daily

Hear Ross Gay read "His Father's Wake" on Indiana Review's Bluecast!


New Delta Review: "Years Later I Buy Two of Your Paintings"

Prelude: "Sotweed Factor Danse Macabre", in print: "Insect Plague Halts Cars"

New South: "We Are Always Both in the Field," Winner of the 2015 New Writing Contest selected by Roger Reeves, nominated for a Pushcart Prize

The Southeast Review: "Elegy for Marilyn With Streaks of Silver" and "Self Portrait as St. Peter's Youth Group Member"

The Literary Review: "Origin Story" and "Elegy With a Man's Hands in the Garden"

Indiana Review: "His Father's Wake", selected by Camille Rankine for their 2016 Poetry Prize

Southern Humanities Review: "On the Morning I Know I Know Walnut Grove Plantation, 2014" and "Cloud of Unknowing", finalists for the 2016 Auburn Witness Prize

The Iowa Review: "Opal Reunion"

Ecotone: "Photograph: Alice Allgood Cooper on Her Wedding Trip, 1888", "First Eclogue", "Cotton Block"

Radar Poetry: "Moon Children" and "Benediction On Her Birthday Morning"

Poetry Northwest: "You're Called By The Same Sound" and "Night Habit"

Yalobusha Review: "Lux Aurumque", "Wreath", "Downshift"

Flag + Void: "Untitled, Rome (1962)", "Honey in the Rock"

The Greensboro Review: "Removal Fort"

Sycamore Review: "Jane in Starving Time", selected by Shane McCrae for the 2017 Wabash Prize in Poetry

Scalawag: "Okefenokee" and "Never Lived in the City"

The Account: "Compress Pastoral", "Buckshot", "Irradiation"

Action, Spectacle: "War Theory", "Subject Matter Comes Winging Towards Them", "Human Bone, Worn Lyre"

West Branch: "Requiem with Flamingo Flock"

Crazyhorse: "Eclogue in Rills, 1944" and "Wraparound"

The Boiler: "Town Under Lake"

Cream City Review: "Undated Incidents Concerning Occupation" and "In My Father's House There Are Many Houses"

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: "Sotto Voce, Abandoned Barn"

Beloit Poetry Journal: "From Grass to Grass"

The Paris Review: "Everything That Rises"

jubilat: "Eulogy at Headwaters"

DIAGRAM: "Sister", "Freshly Painted Cabinets", "Anamnesis" (fiction)

Phi Kappa Phi Forum: "Break Two Rules"


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