I wish. I write words.

Alicia Wright


Alicia Wright is from Rome, Georgia. She holds a BA from Middlebury College; she lived in Brooklyn and worked at the Strand, as a literary scout, and as part of a publishing startup. She's been awarded a scholarship from the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference and fellowships at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. At present, she's a doctoral candidate in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Denver.


New Delta Review: "Years Later I Buy Two of Your Paintings"

Prelude: "Sotweed Factor Danse Macabre", in print: "Insect Plague Halts Cars"

New South: "We Are Always Both in the Field," Winner of the 2015 New Writing Contest selected by Roger Reeves, nominated for a Pushcart Prize

The Southeast Review: "Elegy for Marilyn With Streaks of Silver" and "Self Portrait as St. Peter's Youth Group Member"

The Literary Review: "Origin Story" and "Elegy With a Man's Hands in the Garden"

Indiana Review: "His Father's Wake", selected by Camille Rankine for their 2016 Poetry Prize

Southern Humanities Review: "On the Morning I Know I Know Walnut Grove Plantation, 2014" and "Cloud of Unknowing", finalists for the 2016 Auburn Witness Prize

The Iowa Review Blog: "Opal Reunion"

Ecotone: "Photograph: Alice Allgood Cooper on Her Wedding Trip, 1888", "First Eclogue", "Cotton Block"

Radar Poetry: "Moon Children" and "Benediction On Her Birthday Morning"

Poetry Northwest: "You're Called By The Same Sound" and "Night Habit"

Yalobusha Review: "Lux Aurumque", "Wreath", "Downshift"

Flag + Void: "Untitled, Rome (1962)" and "Honey in the Rock"

forthcoming in The Greensboro Review: "Removal Fort"

forthcoming in Sycamore Review: "Jane in Starving Time", selected by Shane McCrae for the 2017 Wabash Prize in Poetry


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